Washington Gulch in Winter 17x20

Poverty Gulch Waterfall 13x16

Santa Rita Mts. at Sunset 13x16

Tree Swallow on Birdhouse 19x15

Long Lake 14x17

Nicholson Lake 13x16

Peanut Lake 14x17

Slate River Valley 13x16

Road in Fall 13x16

Red Mountain 14 x 17

Taylor River 17x14

Washington Gulch in Fall 14x17

Brother's Clothes on the Line 8x10

TP's in Meadow 18x20

Washington Gulch Home 13x16

King's Crown 16x20

Crested Butte Overlook  16x19

Ouray 13x16

Cement Creek 14x17

Fall in the Mountains 13x16


Flowers and Rendezvous